Principal's Message


Mr. Ajayi

Kingston College Ibadan is just the best place for parents who want the best for their wards as qualitative premium education is concerned. Kingston College, Ibadan is a unique citadel of learning where education is given the kind of holistic approach it deserves. We are passionate about bringing out the best in your wards. Teachers pay attention to details and maximum attention is given to every child academically, morally and spiritually. We devote time to identifying and working on inherent talents and unique gifts in every child. World class facilities, robust curricular (both local and foreign), serene and conducive learning environment and excellent teaching faculty/quality of teachers, who adopt holistic, child-centered approach in passing the contents of both the local and foreign curricula and thereby maintaining the high standard of education being offered. All these have been the contributing factors to the excellence we achieve every year in all our external examinations. Kingston College is more than just a school. It's a place where leaders are equipped to take over and rule the world. Hurry and join the winning team.

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